About WRun– Women Run

Even today, a woman of the house gives her own self the least importance and always gives her family priority over herself. This Women Run let every women of the house make time for herself.

Let the daughters of Mother India arise and care for their health. Run for their well being.

WRun promotes “THINK FOR YOURSELF ”& ‘’RUN FOR YOURSELF”. Its high time every woman needs to put her health on the front seat and continue to be a mascot of strength, care and love for herself and her family.

WRun promotes women’s health and wellbeing and is a medium to showcase how running can make the life of a Woman stronger, healthier and better. So let's get together to allow and encourage all the woman of our household, the loving daughter and even the daughter in law of the house to come out and run this Woman Run. To build strength, get healthy and showcase the Woman Power.

It’s a joint initiative between Brand Circus Events and Life Cycling Green Association.

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